Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Tuesday, April 10

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day.

We started our day with O’ Canada and the morning announcements.

After announcements, we came back to the SK room for our morning jobs. We had the daily calendar, weather circle, and 100 days of school.

In Math today, we reviewed tallies and discussed pictographs.

After recess, we had Phonics. Today we covered the “CcKk” sounds. We came up with many objects and word which had the “CcKk” sound in them.

Followed by Phonics, we had Topic. In continuation of our modes of transportation discussion, we watched a video which discussed the different modes of transportation and where each one is used. For example, a boat only sails within a small area, where a ship sails across the ocean. Students were asked to mention one interesting fact they learned from the video and share it with the class.

After lunch, everyone had Gym class with Ms. Cranfield.

Gym class was followed by a continuation of Math. Students were given a various number of geometric shapes and were asked to create tallies of how much of each shape they had and will later graph them.

We ended the day with Art class. Next week we will complete the art piece. Today students coloured the card with a variety of colours. Their pieces have been painted black, and next week, they will scratch out different shapes to create a spring picture.

Just some reminders:
-         Please return the Re-registration forms to Mrs. Burke as soon as possible
-         Tomorrow, Wednesday is Jersey Spirit Day. Please refer to the letter that went home.
-         On Thursday, students are encouraged to wear a jersey for any team which they wish to represent in honor of the Bronco’s tragedy in Saskatchewan. If students have a jersey for a team they play on, they are encouraged to wear that.
-         Friday is Cowboy/ Cowgirl Spirit Day

Have a wonderful evening.

Ms. Bhogal 

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