Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Wednesday, February 21

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day.

We had a wonderful day today. The morning started with O’ Canada and the announcements in the gym. After announcements, we had our daily calendar, weather circle, and 106 days of school.

In math, we continued to learn about the Penny. Today, we extended the lesson by learning about tallies. We started by singing Canada in my Pocket. As the JKs were learning how to make tallies, and how they are used, the SKs were given pennies and were asked to count them using tallies. Students were then asked to count the tallies and write a total amount at the bottom of the chart. The JKs were given an activity in which they were counting the different sets of tallies and writing the total amount in numbers next to it.

After recess, we had gym. As Ms. Cranfield was away, we played a relay game, octopus, and did some peaceful meditation using some calming music to relax our minds.

Gym class was followed by topic. In topic today were continued to review the different types of patterns. Today, students worked in pairs to create a core pattern and to repeat it. We had stations again, just as yesterday. However, instead of creating a core pattern and leaving it for the next group, the students worked with their partner and exchanged the core patterns. We used geometric shapes, connecting cubes, and connecting colourful lego.

After lunch, we had phonics. The SK students learned the sound UR and completed the activity in their phonics books. The JK students did their ‘OAoa’ sound activity today. In addition to phonics, the SK students also talked a bit about the structure of a sentence. For instance; sentences must have capital letters at the beginning and a period at the end.

We ended the day with some art. Students were given a choice of a mandala to colour in. They were asked to keep a pattern in mind when completing their piece. Students were shown some examples on the board before continuing.

Just a reminder: Monday, February 26th is the Town Hall Meeting at 6:30 PM. We will also be having the book fair that day.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day today.

Ms. Bhogal

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