Thursday, 15 February 2018

Thursday, February 15

Happy Thursday everyone,

Today the JK and the SK classes were the only ones in the school today. Grades 1-8 went to St. Jude’s to hear and participate in the speeches.

We started the day off with O’ Canada and announcements in the gym.

We then came into the SK room for the register and how we’re feeling today. The kindergartens got to have a fun art class with Mrs. Doucette. They painted the Olympic flame. Students who finished early were given colour by number activities to work on.

After recess, we had topic. We reviewed our prepositions (above, below, beside, in between, etc.). We then played, what’s in my bag. Students were picked to pick a shape from the bag, describe the attributes to the class and their classmates had to guess which shape it was. We had an extension activity in which students had to differentiate between two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.

After lunch, we had phonics. We worked on the “OIoi” sound and completed an activity. Students were to complete the activity, then move on to complete their activity for topic, if it was not completed, and then were given some time for choosing.

We ended the day with drama. We read a story and then later worked in pairs to create a dramatic scene from the book, or something similar to the situation in the book. We will be using puppets to share our pieces with the class within the next few classes.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day.

Ms. Bhogal 

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