Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Wednesday, February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day today. We sure did.

We started the day off with O’ Canada and the announcements in the gym.

We then joined Mrs. O’s class for the daily calendar, weather circle, and 104 days of school.

We learned a new sound in phonics today, the “OIoi” sound. We began by singing along to Jolly Phonics, and then brainstorming some words that have the “oi” sound in them.

After recess, we worked on our two-dimensional shapes and their attributes. Once the activity was completed, we decorated our Valeninte'ts bags. 

After lunch, everyone went to gym class with Ms. Cranfield.

We distributed our Valentine’s to everyone after gym class.

We ended the day in French class with Mme. Villeneuve.

Have a wonderful evening.

Ms. Bhogal 

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