Friday, 2 February 2018

Friday, February 2

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying the sun today.

This morning we had a little change in our timetable. We started the day with O’ Canada and announcements in the gym. The students then had French with Mme. Villenevue.

After French, we had our daily calendar, weather circle, and 100 days of school.

After recess, we had topic. Today, as a group, we drew out shapes, identified the names, the number of sides, and the number of vertices. The students then were given geometric shapes and created an image using the shapes. There were many creative images.

After lunch, our friends had health and safety with Ms. Cranfield. As we had French earlier in the day, we had show and tell after gym.

To end our day, students were given some time to do choosing, where they were given the opportunity to do an activity of their choosing, followed by poem practice.

Just a reminder that in class speeches are on Monday at 9 AM, you are welcome to join us. As well, sibling portrait day is also on Monday, February 5th.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Ms. Bhogal 

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