Monday, 29 January 2018

Monday, January 29

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.

We had a great day today at school. We started the day with O’ Canada and the announcements in the gym with the entire school.

As we do every morning, we joined Mrs. O’s class for the daily calendar, weather circle, and 100 days of school. We also shared our weekend news with Penguin.

 We learned a new sound in phonics today. The “NG” sound. We sang along with Jolly Phonics, and showed each other how stroNG we are. After the song, we matched some with which contain the “ng” sound with the associated image.

After recess, we started a new topic in our Unit of Inquiry/math, geometry. We learned spatial sense with Penguin. To start off we identified which words are associated with spatial sense. Words such as; above, below, in, under, etc.. We then placed Penguin around the room in accordance to those key words. For example, Beside a chair.

After lunch, everyone went to gym class with Ms. Cranfield, and when they came back we worked on our poems.

We ended the day in French with Mme. 

Just a reminder that on January 31st Scholastic book orders are due and it is also casual day.

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

Ms. Bhogal 

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