Thursday, 11 January 2018

January 11

Happy Thursday!

This morning we started the day off with announcements and O’ Canada. Today, each house sang different parts of O’ Canada. We spent the day in Mrs. O’s class, therefore the daily calendar and weather circle was done in that room. We counted to 81 as a part of their 100 Days of School Calendar.

Next, we had phonics. We reviewed the “CH” sound with both classes using examples of different words that have the “ch” sound. After the review, we continued with the worksheet from yesterday.

After recess, we had our unit of inquiry. We reviewed different patterns (A-B, AA-B, A-A-A-B-C) on the board. First, the examples were taken up with the entire class. Then, students were randomly picked, using the name sticks, to explain the pattern that was on the board. Finally, we split into pairs and used coloured cubes to create patterns of our own.

After lunch, they went to gym class with Ms. Cranfield, followed by a story and the daily 5.

We finished the day off with French class with Mme, Villenevue.

I hope you had a great day!

Ms. Elliot & Ms. Bhogal

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