Monday, 15 January 2018

January 15

Happy Monday!
I hope everyone had a great weekend.
Today we started our day off in the gym with O’ Canada and the announcements.
As Mrs. O was away today, we spent the day in her classroom with the SK class, and we were joined by Mr. Rozario. We went through our daily calendar, the days of the week, 100 days of school, and the weather. We shared our weekend news with Penguin.
Next, we had phonics. We learned a new sound today, “SH”. We had examples on the board such as; sheep, shop, shoe, etc. We then completed worksheets that had words with the “SH” sound in them.

After recess we had topic. We continued with patterns. Today, we learned more complex patterns as well as naming the places we see patterns in our classroom. We created core patterns with blocks. 

After lunch, they had gym class with Ms. Cranfield. After gym, we all came back to Mrs. O’s room and read two books as a group.
We finish the day in French class with Mme. Villenevue.
I hope you had a great day today.

Ms. Bhogal

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