Friday, 13 October 2017

October 13

Happy Friday the 13th!

Today, we started our day with our school assembly and O Canada, followed by our morning calendar and weather circle. 

Next, we had a math lesson. We discussed the terms more and less, and their meaning. We did an activity to understand when we have more or less cubes. We also talked about how certain numbers are bigger than another. 

After recess, we had our phonics show and tell. One student brought in a picture of Ms. Elliott for the letter "Ee". Then we sang the jolly phonics songs. 

For our Amazing Bodies unit, we finished off the morning with some fun dancing videos and a game of Simon says for our healthy exercise.

After recess, the students had their daily gym class with Ms. Cranfield, followed by a story and the daily 5. 

We finished off the day with a French lesson from Mme. Villeneuve. 

I hope you have a great weekend!

Ms. Elliott

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