Friday, 29 September 2017

September 29

Happy Friday!

It was a rainy day in JK-ville.

We started our day with our school assembly and O Canada, followed by our morning calendar and weather circle. 

Next, we had our math lesson. We continued practicing writing our numbers with an activity sheet. 

After recess, we had our phonics show and tell. One student brought in a necklace for the letter "Nn", and another student brought in a plane for the letter "Pp". 

Next we did an activity for our Unit of Inquiry. We worked on a cut and paste activity for the sequence of brushing our teeth. 

After lunch, the students had their daily gym class with Ms. Cranfield, followed by a story and the daily 5. 

We finished off the day with a French lesson from Mme. Villeneuve. 

Hope you have a great weekend!

Ms. Elliott

Key Information:
Please ensure that your child has 3 pairs of shoes in school: black dress shoes, indoor gym shoes, and outdoor shoes. This is especially important due to the change in weather.

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