Monday, 18 September 2017

September 18

Another great day in JK!

I can't believe it is week 3 already!

We started off our morning with our daily assembly, followed by our morning weather and calendar circle. We had a good discussion about why we sing O Canada every morning, as it shows respect to the country we live in.

We continued with a math lesson where we were introduced to the numbers 6-10. We did some counting activities with apples. 

After recess, we did our phonics lesson and were introduced to the letter Tt. We sang the Jolly Phonics song "When I watch the tennis game" and brainstormed things that started with the letter Tt.

We combined with the SK class for our unit of inquiry. We received a letter from the characters Broc and Coco who have us a mission for eat healthy and exercise every day. We started our healthy super heroes activity. 

After lunch the students had their daily gym class with Ms. Cranfield, followed by a story and the daily 5. 

We combined with the SK's and ended off the day with an art class. The students drew self portraits. 

Hope you have a great night!

Ms. Elliott

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